WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

A website is like a house: it is made of bricks (the files which it is made of), it needs a space to be built on (the webspace hosting it) and it has a specific address (the URL you type on the browser bar to open it).

With WebSite X5 you can build your website, and now, thanks to the new Hosting service included with your licence, you can also rely on a webspace and an automatic domain you can use to go live right away.

You can of course still use other Providers, but using a tailor-made Hosting service for WebSite X5 has many advantages: no compatibility issues related to the operating systems or PHP versions, for instance. Moreover, you won't need to configure anything extra, as everything is already integrated in the software for you to immediately proceed with the upload.

In short, hosting has never been so simple!

Exporting the website for the first time

  • Once you're done creating your website, go to Step 5 - Export and click on Upload the Website to Internet.
  • Select what you wish to publish: if it's the first time you export your project,  choose Upload all Website files to the Internet.
  • Choose the "WebSite X5 Hosting" option followed by the associated automatic (e.g. or the customized domain name (e. g. from the Webspace list.
  • Report your website URL address in the WebSite Address (URL) field.
  • Possibly set the Destination Folder, i.e. the server folder you want to export your website in. You can also choose to leave the preset destination folder. If, on the other hand, you want to:
    • publish different projects onto the same webspace;
    • create a multi-language and publish each different language project into a proper subfolder;

you can directly report the name of the destination folder or click on to access the Destination Folder window. Here you will find all the files and the folders located on the server and manage them with the respective commands.

  • If that's the first time you use your webspace, you will be asked to activate it: no need of adding any parameter, you simply have to click on the Activate now button.
  • Once the webspace is active, click on the Start button to upload your website.

#tip - The activation of the service involves technical lead times that depend on the propagation of the DNS, and that can vary from a few minutes to a maximum of 24/48 hours.

Exporting the changes applied to a website

If you apply any changes to your project, you will have to repeat the export process so to update the server files and, consequently, the website itself.

You can speed up the export process by using the Upload Mode option and choose to:

  • Export only the files modified after last export on date: the upload date is stored in the Project file: that's why you should always save the changes you apply. Even by choosing to upload the edited files only, HTML pages and resource files available in the Res folder will be published as well: they will in fact probably report some changes too.
  • Export only Blog and RSS Feed: this option is active only if the Blog and/or RSS Feed had already been exported once, and you can use it if you didn't apply any changes to the rest of the website, but you only added new Blog articles or RSS Feed news.  In this case, in fact, only the Blog .PHP and .XML and the RSS Feed .XML file are exported.

Let people know your website is online

As soon as the online export is complete, you will be reported some actions you can perform to make sure everything's gone fine and to let people know that your website in now online.

You just have to click on the following buttons to:

Start the preset internet Browser and check out the website you just exported to make sure it works properly.

Connect to the dedicated Gallery on the WebSite X5 Help Center to submit your website.

Log in on Facebook and post a message on your wall to notify your contacts that your website is now online. 

Log in on X (formerly Twitter)  and post a message on your profile to notify your followers that your website is now online.