WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

In most cases, hosting and domain are bought together from the same provider. However, sometimes they can also be registered separately. For instance, you may want to activate the Webspace included in your license and connect it to a domain you already have on another provider. 

In this guide, we will see how to connect an existing domain to the webspace included with WebSite X5. As you'll see, it is a pretty easy procedure and, moreover, completely "invisible" for your visitors: no one will notice the redirect.  

How to configure the DNS

In order to set up a domain registered to another Registrar so it redirects to the webspace included with your WebSite X5 license, you need to configure the DNS. The DNS, or Domain Name System, is the system which translates the website domain names into IP addresses.

The first thing to do is to get the server names related to your hosting, which you can do on the included WebSite X5 Hosting control panel:

  • Log in on the WebSite X5 Help Center.
  • Click on your profile and select the Webhosting entry.
  • Here you can find all the Webspaces linked to your account: open with the Access button the wished webspace.
  • Click on Manage Domain in the Domain section.
  • Now click on Configure Domain, which you find under Customized domain
  • Type in the name of your domain (e. g. in the appropriate field, then click on ConfigureYou will find a table with the DNS records which you will need to report to the external Registrar.

Now that you have the DNS records, access the control panel of your domain: here, you will find a space where to report them. In this phase, the steps you need to follow may change according to the Provider you use. 

It usually takes about 24-48 hours for the redirect to be activated, but meanwhile everything should still be working normally.