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Domains aren't inextricably linked to the provider it has been purchased with: on the contrary, if necessary they can be transferred to another provider. This means that if you already have a domain, and you want to transfer it to Incomedia, you can indeed do this. In this way, we will be your webspace and domain provider. 

The transfer process for a domain from a provider to another usually follows a precise procedure. That's what you need to do:

Before the transfer

There are a few things you need to take care of before transferring your domain, so to make sure everything will proceed smoothly.

The first thing to do is to make sure that:

  1. The registration details are up-to-date. During the transfer, the registrant will get one or more e-mails, so you need to make sure that all the details referred to your domain are up-to-date.
  2. The domain can be transferred. In order for the domain to be transferred, it has to be older than 60 days, the holder's data must not have been changed for the same amount of time and, of course, the domain must not be expired. 
  3. The domain privacy is deactivated.

Once you've verified this, you'd better make a backup copy of the data so to store them on your PC or on an external hard drive. Create a copy of all relevant data, such as your website, the database and the e-mails. The domain transfer process only affects the domain itself: all the other contents will have to be manually moved.

#tip - For support or more information about these steps, please contact your current provider.

Request for the Auth-Code

In order to transfer your domain, you will need a code which proves that you are the domain owner. This code, namely Auth-Code, AuthInfo Code, EPP Code, authorization code or transfer code, unambiguously identifies domains and is provided by the provider. 

You then need to ask your current provider for the Auth-Code: according to the ICANN regulations, you need to get it within 5 days. In the case of some providers, the only way to get the Auth-Code is to log in to the control panel. If it's not the case for your provider, you can get in touch through the appropriate channels.

Domain transfer order

Now that you have your Auth-Code, you can proceed with the domain transfer procedure.

  • Log in to the WebSite X5 Help Center X5 using your credentials.
  • Click on your profile and select the My Webhosting section entry from the drop-down menu.
  • Here, you will find all the webspaces associated to your account: click on the Buy domain button referred to the webspace you want to manage.
  • Type in the domain name you want to transfer and report the extension (for instance, and then click on Search.  
  • You will be notified that the domain is already taken and that, if you own the domain, you can transfer it: click on Next.
  • Paste the Auth-Code you got in the appropriate field, accept the service terms and conditions and click on Next
  • Now you just have to report your data to complete the order and the payment. 

Domain transfer confirmation

You will now get some e-mails from Incomedia related to the order and the payment, but you could also get some e-mails from OpenSRS, a company part of the Tucows group Incomedia works with for the domain and associated services management. 

More specifically, if the Auth-Code you reported during the order isn't correct, you will get an e-mail from OpenSRS reporting the instructions you need to follow to repeat the request or undo everything. 

If, on the other hand, everything turns out to be correct, you will get a holder modification confirmation for the domain you just transferred. 


#tip - All the e-mails will be sent to the domain holder's address reported during the order: make sure it is active and correct.

During the domain transfer

It may take up to 24/48 hours before the transfer is actually complete. This time is the time needed for the DNS propagation.

Basically, the DNS (Domain Name System) must resolve the domain name (for instance, into an IP address (i.e. the server physical address, where the website is hosted, for instance Each time the DNS is modified, it is necessary to wait for the change to be propagated among all the network name server.

As we mentioned, during this waiting time your website might not be correctly displayed, unreachable or only reachable via IP address.     

As the DNS starts propagating, by typing in your website URL, a courtesy page will be displayed telling you that you can publish your website. 

After the transfer is complete

The domain transfer implies that your website will be blocked, and your connected e-mail boxes will be deactivated. 

Once the domain is transferred and the DNS propagation is complete, you need to: