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Depending on the kind of service or products you offer, you may want a more effective way to collect the needed information to prepare a precise quotation, especially with the contact with the customer takes place online rather than in person. A possible quick solution could be an online questionnaire. By making the correct question, you will get the customers' replies per e-mail, and you will be able to get back to them with a precise quotation.

But how to create an online questionnaire aimed at sending a commercial offer? The answer is: Using the Image Form Optional Object, which you can use to:

  • create the closed multiple choice questions you need;
  • associate an image to  each reply, so to make the option clearer; 
  • collect all the replies and data you get from the customers; 
  • conveniently receive all the details per e-mail.  

Check out the Preview page for some examples of what you can do with the Image Form Option Object.

Do you want to find out how to use the Image Form Object on your projects? Watch this short video or simply keep reading:


How the Image Form Object works 

The easiest way to understand how the Object works and what you can do with it, is to use it to create a questionnaire. Let's assume we produce doors and windows. On the website, we have already explained who we are, presented our solutions and reported our contact information: now we want to ask our customers to reply to some closed questions so to better understand what are they interested in, so to send them a quotation.

Let's start using the Image Form Object. Add it on the page you want and then follow these steps:  

  1. Creating the question list
  2. Setting up the data request and submission
  3. Defining the graphic style

Creating the question list

The first thing you need to do is adding the question list by reporting a maximum of 4 possible replies for each. You can associate each reply with a text and an image. The questions will be reported the one after the other: the customers will be able to use the next and back arrows and, if you enable this function, see a progress bar showing how long until the questionnaire end.

  • Double-click on the Image Form Object you added so to open the setting window.
  • Stay in the Contents section and click on Add.
  • In the question list, you will find the "Question 1" entry: select it and use the Question field to type the wished text for your question. 
  • Use the Answer 1, Answer 2, Answer 3, Answer 4 fields to provide the 4 possible replies.
  • Import for each reply an image which can visually represent the concept.
  • Repeat this steps for all the questions you need.

#tip - Some tips: 1- Make the necessary questions only: if the questionnaire is too long, it is more likely to be abandoned. 2- The questions and the answers should be easy to understand, so to avoid confusion or uncertainty. 3- Choose relevant and high quality images.

Setting up the data request and submission

Once you have the questions, you can move on and define the way you want the data to be sent and collected. After the end of the questionnaire, in fact, a form to collect the customers' data will be displayed: Name, Surname, Phone Number and E-mail Address. By clicking on send, all their replies and data will be emailed to you, while they will see a confirmation message.

  • Go to the Data Submission section.
  • Start by defining the contact data form contents. Add a Title, decide which data you would like to collect, you can choose among: Name, Surname, Phone Number and E-mail Address.
  • To complete the form, you need to add the link to your website Privacy Policy as well as the text to be displayed on the button for the data submission.
  • Now move on to the Confirmation message: use the relevant field to add a text to thank your customers for their interest, to confirm that the data have been correctly send and that you will get back to them in the shortest possible time.
  • Finally, report the e-mail address you want to get the replies and the data to. You can set the Subject for these e-mails (for instance, "Quotation request from website) so to easily identify them in your inbox.

Defining the graphic style

Now you just have to define the graphic style, so that this content perfectly integrates with the overall website style and with the other Objects on the page.

  • Access the Style section.
  • You can work on the text formatting settings and on the colors of the many elements available: the Object background, the reply box, the buttons.
  • With the corresponding option, you can decide whether to display the progress bar to show your customers how long until the questionnaire end.

Mobile visualization

The Image Form is designed to get a perfect visualization on any device. By reducing the size of the browser window, the boxes reporting the replies will move to a new line and will stay centered, so to allow a correct interaction in any case. 

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