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In order for your website to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you must pay attention, among other aspects, to the use of cookies too.

As you probably know, a cookie wall forcing visitors to accept all cookies for them to proceed browsing your website isn't compliant anymore. You must indeed give your visitors the possibility to choose whether to accept or block cookies using specific and well visible buttons. 

If you are looking for a simple and efficient way to manage cookies without getting crazy and still being sure you are doing everything right, you can choose a service like Cookiebot.

Cookiebot supports more than 40 languages, it is really easy to use, and it can help your website comply with the use of cookies and online tracking. Moreover, Cookiebot is already integrated in WebSite X5 with a dedicated free Object: check it out on this Preview page.


Please follow these 3 steps to create a cookie banner with the Cookiebot Object:

Installing the Cookiebot Object

  • Open the software on Step 4 and click on Object Management to access all the available Objects. 
  • Select the Cookiebot Object in the Utility section and click on Free to install it.
  • If you haven't logged in yet, the software might ask you for the Username and Password you use on the WebSite X5 Help Center to complete the installation.

Generating the cookie banner with Cookiebot

To generate a cookie banner, you first need a Cookiebot account.

  • Go to and register to use the service.
  • Cookiebot needs some details in order for you to create the cookie banner: follow the reported steps. In just a few moments, your banner will be complete and customized.
  • When the guided procedure is over, copy the generated code for your cookie banner.

Integrating the cookie banner on your website

Now that you have created the cookie banner, and you have the necessary code, you can go back to WebSite X5 and open the project.

  • Open your WebSite X5 project and add the Cookiebot Object in all the pages you want the banner to be active on: because it isn't a real content, but rather a piece of code, you can add it on any cell of the layout grid, as long as it doesn't affect the way the other elements are arranged. Alternatively, you can add the Cookiebot Object directly on the template header or footer: in this way, you just add it once, and the banner will be displayed on all the website pages.
  • Open the Object and paste the Cookiebot code in the Embed code field.
  • Save and publish your website online.

Now, Cookiebot will scan your website to check which banners and which scripts are actually active.

You can start using Cookiebot with a free plan, verify your website compliance and create the banners to be integrated on your website right away. With the free plan, you can connect one domain and up to 100 subpages. 

More information and support on the Cookiebot generator available at