WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

The Hosting plan included with your WebSite X5 licence gives you access, in addition to the webspace and the automatic domain, to 1 (for Evo) or 5 (for Pro) e-mail boxes. 

In order for you to use and manage the the e-mail boxes associated to your webspace, however, you first have to connect a customized domain. In this article, we will talk about:

How to activate a customized domain

As we mentioned, with your WebSite X5 licence you have an included third level domain, such as

With this kind of domain, you can upload your website right away, but you can't use the e-mail boxes included with your Hosting plan. To do this, you need a second level domain, such as

Now you can proceed in different ways:

  • Buy a customize domain

The more the strategic importance your website has, the more you should invest to have a customized domain. The benefits are many, both for your brand and for your SEO. Find out right away if the domain you want is still available: we can help you register it.

[Find the domain that better suits you]


  • Connect a domain you already own

In, on the other hand, you already own a customized domain, but it is registered with another Provider, you can:

  1. leave the domain where it is and set up a redirect to the webspace offered with the WebSite X5 Hosting service  (see: Web Domain- How to set up a domain registered to another Registrar so it redirects to your webspace).
  2. transfer it from the previous Provider to Incomedia (see: Web Domain -  How to transfer a domain).

Whatever solution you follow, in the end you will have a customized domain associated to your webspace and you will be able to proceed with the activation of your e-mail boxes. 

How to activate the e-mail boxes included with your webspace

Now that you have a customized second level domain, you can activate your e-mail boxes.

  • Log in to the Help Center, log in with your credentials and, in your account menu, click on the My Webhosting entry to access the online control panel.
  • Select the webspace you want to work on and click on Access
  • In the E-Mail section, click on Manage E-Mail: here you can see how many e-mail boxes you can activate and how many are already active.
  • Click on Create account.
  • Report the requested details: the Username, i.e. the name reported before the @ in the e-mail address (for instance "info" in the address " and a valid Password. Click again on Create Account.
  • If you have an Evo Hosting, you can activate a single e-mail address. If, on the other hand, you have the Pro Hosting, you can activate up to 5 e-mail boxes. 

All the account you create are then reported on a table on the top section of the page. For each account, you will see the password associated to it, and you will be able to perform some actions: you can delete the account, edit the password, and set the selected e-mail address and "main".

The main account is the one which is used to send all the website e-mails. By default, the first account you create is set as "main" but, as soon as you create others, you can set as "main" the one you prefer.

#tip - After you set or edit the main e-mail address associated to an online website, you need to export the website again to update the changes you made.


How to manage the e-mails you get at the e-mail boxes you activated

Now that you activated one or more e-mail boxes, you can manage your e-mails in 2 ways:

  1. using a webmail service
  2. using a mail client


Webmails are web application which you can use to manage your e-mails using a panel you can access on your browser. It's a very versatile system because you can access your e-mailboxes at any time and from any device with no need of extra software.

You can use the included webmail service:

  • Go back to the E-Mail section of your Hosting control panel: here, under the list of the active accounts, you will find the E-mail Parameters. 
  • Click on the Webmail address: the app will open on a browser window.
  • Type in the Username and Password reported for the account you want to manage the e-mails for.
  • Use all the available tools to manage the  outgoing and incoming e-mails

Mail Client

Mail clients are programs installed on your PC or mobile device which you can use to write, send, get and organize e-mails by connecting to the e-mail delivery (SMTP server) and reception server (POP server). Among the most popular mail clients, you will find Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Mail (Vista), Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail.

You can set up the wished mail client so to manage the e-mails referred to one of the active accounts:

  • Go back to the E-Mail section of your Hosting control panel so to display the E-Mail Parameters: these are the data you need to set up your client. 
  • Start the wished mail client: you will have to report your account e-mail. Please type in the e-mail address you want. 
  • Set up the client by reporting the requested parameters, such as the server and the IMAP door. Please check out the client guide for more information about this step. 
  • Now you can use your client to manage your e-mails.