WebSite X5 Evo and Pro since version 2021.4

In order for you to efficiently manage your WebSite X5 Hosting, you can reply on a useful online control panel.

  • Log in on  the WebSite X5 Help Center.
  • Select the Webhosting entry in the dropdown menu you can open by clicking on your profile.
  • Here you can find all the Webspaces associated to your account. For each webspace, you will find:
    • the status, 
    • the expiration date, 
    • the associated automatic or possibly the customized domain (in this case you will also see the expiration date),
    • the Access button for the respective control panel,
    • the possible necessary buttons to buy or renew the hosting and the customized domain.
  • Click on the Access button referred to the wished webspace. You will find the following sections in the control panel you entered:
    • Domain: the automatic or possibly the customized domain associated to the webspace.
    • E-mail: if you have a customized domain, here you can create and manage the mailboxes connected to your webspace.
    • FTP:  here you can find the connection parameters linked to the webspace.
    • Database: (only for Hosting Pro) here you can find the access parameters for the database associated to the webspace. By clicking on Access, you can connect to a  phpMyAdmin, a web application you can use to manage a MySQL database on browser.