WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

Have you ever needed to use a video to make communication more effective, but you didn't have the  opportunity to make it yourself? Actually  this is a fairly common situation and, fortunately, it is possible to find a solution that:

  1. does not require the investment of a large budget (as you should do if you commissioned the video or decided to buy it on stock video websites);
  2. does not infringe any copyright (as it probably would happen if you used videos downloaded from the web).


The solution is to search for free videos to use in royalty-free video libraries: luckily, WebSite X5 includes one that is already very rich.

How to use the free videos Library integrated in WebSite X5

With WebSite X5 you can import all the most popular video formats simply by selecting the resource to be used from those available on your PC or, alternatively, online.

Moreover, you can use the free video archive integrated into WebSite X5.

  • Everywhere you can select the video file to import, click on the button to access the File Selection window (see: How to use the File Selection window with the Project Library).
  • Open the Free Videos section and use the available fields to set up your search. You can specify:
    • one or more keywords;
    • the category;
    •  the type of video, by choosing between Movies and Animations.
  • Click on the Search button: the content of the window is updated and the previews of all the videos that meet your search criteria are displayed.
  • Select the preview of the video you are interested in and click on the Ok button: the video is downloaded locally and imported into the Project. All videos downloaded from the Online Library are automatically saved in the Resource Library (see:  What are the Project and the Project Library).

#tip - The service is offered in collaboration with Pixabay. Pixabay is a collection of images and videos free of copyright: all resources are published under the Creative Commons CC0 license and can be freely used in digital and printed format, for personal and commercial use, without mentioning the original author. For more information, see the Pixabay Terms of Use.