WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

Working with WebSite X5 is really easy: you just need to follow the steps reported by the wizard to report all the necessary information to create and publish your website online. 

By proceeding step by step and relying on sections that only report the basic fields you really to set up your website, you will be able to better understand how the software and the different commands work, and you will therefore build your pages more easily. 

Before you know, your website will be online, ready to be visited.

The Welcome page

The Welcome page is the first window you see when you start the software.

As you can see, the Welcome page reports 3 sections:

  • User Profile:  Here, you will find your avatar, your Username as owner of the software user license and the number of Credits left. By clicking on each element, you can access your WebSite X5 Help Center account. 
  • Lateral buttons: Here you will find the necessary commands to start working on your projects. In particular, you will find the following options:
    • Home: to open the Welcome page.
    • New Project: to start creating a new project by selecting the template.
    • Open Project: to select and open an existing project.
    • Preferences: to define general settings on how you want the Program to work and add the Web Fonts that you want to use in your project.
    • Check for Updates: to check whether there are any updates available online for the version of WebSite X5 you are working with. We strongly advise you to always check for and install new updates, to ensure you get the best out of your software.
  • Customizable contents: Here you will find some contents you'll probably find interesting. You will find details about your license status, blog articles, guides, video tutorials, new Objects and Templates, offers and promotions and much more. 

The work environment

Start by clicking on the New Project button: once you have chosen the template you want to use, you can move on to creating your website.

You will then access the WebSite X5 wizard and discover its work environment, which looks like this:

You will soon notice that all the software windows share the same graphic interface, which reports a top and a side button bar which always stay the same and a central window which varies according to the section you are working on and therefore reports different kinds of fields. If the space is enough, on the right section of the window, the Suggestion Toolbar will be displayed. 

The top button bar

The top button bar includes the commands that you need to have available all the time, regardless of what part of the project you are working on, namely:

  • Help: to access the present online Guides. This button is displayed only when the space available in the program window isn't enough to show the Suggestions Toolbar. 
  • Save [CTRL+S]: to save the current project. By clicking on the arrow next to the button, you can access a drop-down menu reporting the necessary commands to manage the saving and backup options. 
  • Preview: to display a local preview of your website so far, using the Program's built-in browser.
  • Back / Next: to go back to the previous window, in case you want to make further changes, or to switch to the next window, to continue creating your website.

The side button bar

WebSite X5 takes you through the work of creating a website in just 5 steps, which are clearly reported on the side button bar, namely:

  • Home
  • Step 1 - Website Settings
  • Step 2 - Template Settings
  • Step 3 - Sitemap Creation
  • Step 4 - Page Creation
  • Step 5 - Export

You can switch from a window to the other using the Next/Back commands on the top button bar and refer to the side button bar just to know at what stage of the website creation you are. Alternatively, you can directly click on the Steps buttons to switch to a particular section, regardless of their reported order. 

The size of the work environment

Do you prefer to work with a full-screen or a smaller software window? With WebSite X5 you are free to define the size you want the software window to be.

The status bar reports the usual buttons to iconify or maximize the software.

You can alternatively define the software window size by placing the mouse on the window border and dragging it inwards/outwards to reduce or enlarge the work space. 

As already mentioned, if the available space is enough, you will find the Suggestion Toolbar on the right, otherwise you will be able to access the guides by clicking on.

You can "save space" also by minimizing the side button bar: the arrow button you find on the bottom left side of the screen, you can in fact decide whether to show the steps number of the corresponding label too.