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Imagine scrolling down a web page: at one point, while you're still scrolling, the page doesn't move anymore, but the image displayed in the foreground disappears and is substituted by another one, fading-in from the side of the screen. Such an effect focuses your attention on the images. Once all the images of the gallery have been displayed, the page scrolls back to normal.

The way this gallery works and looks will be much clearer if you check out this Preview page, where you will see the Scroll Gallery Hor Optional Object in action.

How to create the image band

  • Double-click the Scroll Gallery Hor Object you added on the page to access the settings window.
  • Click on Add to open the File Selection window and import the wished image file.
  • Repeat these steps for all the images you need.
  • If necessary, use the Remove button to remove the selected file from the list, or use the dedicated buttons to rearrange the file order.


How to define the graphic style

  • Still on the Scroll Gallery Hor window, define the Movement direction which has to animate the images during the page scroll.
  • Now move on to the image style. You can define:
    • the image Size;
    • the image Rounded corners;
    • the Shadow

How to add links on the images

  • Select the wished file from the Image List.
  • Click on the button to open the Link window and select the wished action.
  • Repeat these steps for all the images you need to add a link on.

Users will be able to click to access the linked contents by hovering the mouse on the gallery images.

#tip - Looking for alternatives to create galleries displaying image bands? Check out the  Scroll Image Hor Optional Object.

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