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There are many effects that can be connected to the page scroll: one of the most effective ones can be applied to images and texts. While browsing the page, you get to an image (or a colored band) in the foreground, possibly sharing the same width as the page. If you keep scrolling, the page doesn't move, but a text is displayed with a nice transition effect instead. As you keep scrolling, the text fades out, and when it isn't visible anymore, you can keep on browsing the page as usual.

It is a really effective way to drag the users' attention to a message you want to convey. And you can set this effect up pretty simply with the Fullscreen Scroll Text Object: check it out on this Preview page.

How to define the background

Start by defining the Object background. Please consider that its height will automatically take on the browser window height: it will adapt and fit in the whole browser window.

  • Double-click on the Fullscreen Scroll Text you added so to access the settings window.
  • Import the file you want to use as Background Image, or define a Color to be used instead. 
  • Define the element Alignment.

How to define the text

Now move on to the text that will be displayed in the foreground.

  • Use the available menu to select the Title element, then use the Text field to type in the title.
  • Use the same menu to select the Description element and type in the content in the text field.
  • You can format both the Title and the Description by defining the font, size, effects and colors.

#tip - Looking for more page scroll-related effects? Check out the Scroll Gallery Hor, Scroll Gallery Ver, Scroll Image Hor and Fullscreen Scroll Slider Optional Objects.

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