WebSite X5 Pro from v.2023.2

Servizio in Beta

MagicText is an Artificial Intelligence-based text content generation assistant integrated into WebSite X5 Pro. If you're feeling short on ideas or if you are struggling with a blank sheet of paper, MagicText can help you come up with new ideas, but more importantly, it can write titles, descriptions, and text for your website pages, blog articles, or e-commerce product sheets.

Who can use MagicText?

MagicText is free for anyone using an active license of WebSite X5 Pro, starting from version 2023.2.

The service is currently in Beta phase and may be temporarily unavailable due to the high number of concurrent requests: in this case, we suggest you wait and try again later.             

#tip - Access your profile and check out your license status. If you own a different edition or a previous version, and you want to switch to the latest WebSite X5 Pro version, check out the active offers.

How does MagicText generate texts?

MagicText is based on OpenAI's machine learning models. It has been trained with public data found on the Internet and updated through 2021. Basically, it uses this data to predict and generate the required text based on the instructions given to it. Of course, the more specific the instructions, the better result you get.

#tip - Follow our tips on how to write a good prompt.

How is MagicText moderated to ensure safe use?                 

MagicText is designed to help you create text for your site. Do not use it to generate harmful content that violates the rights of others, and always check the accuracy of the text you generate. 

Remember that the requests you make to MagicText are automatically moderated, and that they won't be fulfilled if deemed inappropriate.

Who owns the copyright of the text generated by MagicText?                

Overall, however, you are the owner of the contents you generate with MagicText (as long as you abide by the service terms of use) and you are free to use it for both personal and commercial projects.

How will my data be used?                

MagicText is active only if you choose to use this function. When you use it, MagicText elaborates the instructions you provide also according to the project you are developing. 

MagicText is based on OpenAI's models: please read the data processing policies. By using this service, you automatically accept the Terms of Use.