Managing digital goods: WebSite X5 Pro from version 13.1

Automatic order fulfillment: WebSite X5 Pro from version 17

In addition to applying a discount to single products, you can also choose to apply discounts to the total value of the order.

  • In the Shopping Cart window, open the Options section.
  • Activate the Activate discount on Order total option, then click on to open the Discount on order total window.
  • Click on the Add button, select the discount you just added in the list, and use the Settings section to define conditions and value. You can create 2 kind of discounts:
    • Discounts that can be applied when the order total reaches a certain amount (for instance: 10% off for orders above €150). In this case, select the Total amount option for the Activate the discount with entry and use the appropriate field to report the order total amount starting from which the discount can be applied (in our example, "150.00").
    • A coupon the user can apply to get a discount on the order total (for instance: coupon 15% OFF). In this case, choose the Coupon Code option for the Activate the discount with entry and type in the coupon name or identification code (for instance, "15OFF").  
  • Move on setting up the discount: in both cases, you can work with the following options:
    • the kind of discount to be applied: it can be fixed (for instance, €10.00") or in percentage (for instance, "10%");
    • the start and end date that define the period of time the discount is valid for;
    • if the discount on the order total amount should be applied on the shipping and payment costs too.
  • In this way, you can create multiple discount and coupon with different values and conditions: they will be all reported in the List of Discounts on the Order Total. You can use the Remove button to remove a discount/coupon from the list, and the Order button to choose the way the discounts/coupons should be listed. 

#tip - Choosing a name for coupon codes. You can use alphanumeric strings, acronyms, single words or short phrases as codes for your coupons. Please consider that customers are more likely to place an order if the coupon name is easy and that the field the coupon codes are supposed to be entered in is case-sensitive, so the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters does matter.

#tip - Managing coupon codes. You can create and share all the coupon codes you want for your store. Customers, however, will be able to apply one single coupon code during the checkout process. If the orders include Products for which specific fixed or percentage discounts and/or quantity discounts are already active, the coupon codes will apply to the already discounted prices.