Managing digital goods: WebSite X5 Pro from version 13.1

Automatic order fulfillment: WebSite X5 Pro from version 17

A good incentive to encourage users to purchase from your store may be to discount or even waive shipping fees for orders above a certain value. Here’s how to do this:

  • In the Shopping Cart window, open the Order Management section. 
  • Double-click on an existing shipping method or click on the Add button: this will lead you to the Shipping Type window, in which you can insert the settings required to make a shipping method available for your store.
  • If necessary, insert the required information, otherwise proceed directly to the Cost section.
  • Instead of simply setting a Fixed Cost, select the Cost of total Order amount option and click on the Add button to set the conditions that define the fee rates. Now you can allow shipping fees to be raised or lowered, or outright waived, depending on whether an order value meets or exceeds a specific value. 
  • If you have activated more than one shipping method, repeat these steps for each method to discount or waive the fees in each case.