WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

Videos are living a moment of glory: everyone can make a video, copy it to a computer, edit it and then publish it on the Internet.

With WebSite X5 it is very easy to import all types of video, add them to your website and share them. You can import the more popular video formats (.MP4, .WEBM, .AVI, .WMV, .MPG, .MOV, .MP3, .WMA, .WAV, .MID, .AIF, .M4A) simply by selecting the wished file from your PC or online

#tip - To ensure maximum compatibility, you should use .MP4.

Adding a Video or a Sound file on your web pages is very simple, here's how to do it:

#tip - By inserting a Video posted on YouTube™, the original dimensions are changed according to WebSite X5 settings. To maintain more control, you can import the YouTube™ video through the HTML Code Object.
  • Report the Size in pixel for the Video or Sound Control Bar width and height. For the width, the maximum value that can be taken by the Object is given in parentheses, depending on how the Layout Grid is set up. For Sounds, it is reminded by reporting it in parentheses that the maximum value for the height of the Control Bar is 35 pixels. The minimum value, on the other hand, is 15 pixels.
  • Choose the Startup Type, namely how Videos or Sounds must be played. You can choose among:
    • Manual Start:  the user will have to manually click to start playback;
    • Automatic Start: playback starts automatically as soon as the page is loaded;
    • Automatic start only when visible: playback starts only when the Video or the Sound Control bar is actually visible 
    • Automatic start on mouseover: playback starts when the mouse hovers over the Video or Sound Control Bar.

#tip - Automatic Video and Sound startup modes do not work on mobile devices: in order to avoid excessive bandwidth consumption, in fact, in these cases it is always required that the User manually start the playback.

  • If you want to, import a Poster Image, namely a static image to be used as Video preview (see: Come How to create a poster image for a video). 
  • Add an Alt Text: remember, this text will be displayed in case the Video or Sound cannot be played, so keep it in mind while you write it.
  • Finally, access the SEO section and report the required information. These details will be used for:

Except for the YouTube ones, you can't see e a preview on the WebSite X5 local browser of the videos you add: this depends on the fact that the local preview relies on the Chromium engine, which doesn't include the necessary video codecs. In any case, once the website is online, you will be able to correctly display them on the different browsers.