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Your visitors are more likely to use a smartphone instead of a PC to visit your website. This could be an advantage for you: for example, you can display some contact buttons on mobile only, so the visitors can e-mail, phone or text you via WhatsApp or Social. That's what you can achieve using the Mobile Contact Object: check it out on this Preview page.

Do you want to find out how Mobile Contact works? Check out this video or keep reading: 

The Mobile Contact Object isn't a real content, but a bar displayed on mobile, in a corner of the browser window, which stays visible when scrolling down the page. Because of this, you can add it in any cell of the page layout table, as long as it doesn't affect how the other elements are arranged. 

  • Double-click on the Mobile Contact Object you added on a page to open the settings window.
  • Select Contact 1 from the List of the available contacts.
  • Define the Type of contact. As you can see, you can choose among the options E-Mail, Call, Message, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Telegram, Viber and Vkontakte. If you choose a phone contact, you will need to report the phone number you want to be contacted at.
  • Select Contact 2 from the List of the available contacts  and follow the same steps to create another contact option.
  • You can add up to 5 contact buttons. If you need less, for example only 3, set No contacts in the Type field for the Contact 4 and 5.
  • You can now move on and define the settings for the button style, colors and rounded corners.
  • Define the button bar alignment: you can place it in one of the four corners of the browser window.
  • Finally, use the available options to set the button size and margins, as well as to set an Effect.
  • Click OK when you're happy with the result.

#tip - Do you want to make the bar reporting the contact buttons available on all your web pages? Instead of adding the Mobile Contact Object on a specific page, add it in the Template Header or Footer. 

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