WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

The unexpected is right around the corner, we all know it. You should therefore always make sure you have a backup copy of your work: just in case! Luckily, WebSite X5 automatically  and regularly creates backup copies, so you can recover your project in case of need. Moreover, you can manually create backup copies as well (see: How to create an automatic or manual backup copy).

In some cases, however, you may need to send your project folder to our technical assistance team, for instance for them to help you in the project recovery process. Let's then see what you need to do.

Where to find the Project folder

When you work on your project and apply some changes, these are locally stored and then uploaded online the first time you export the website. But where does the program store these changes?

The default path is  C:\Users\Your-Username\Documents\Incomedia\WebSite X5 - Pro/Evo, but you can verify and possibly reset it by selecting the Preferences window on the program Welcome page. The path is the one reported in the Projects folder field.

How to send the Project folder

If the support team asked you to send them your Project folder, in order for them to perform some more in-depth analysis or to help you recover the project itself, you can follow these steps:

  • Access the path you find on Preferences>Projects folder in WebSiteX5: here you will find the folders referred to all the projects you are working on.
  • Select and zip the folder of the Project in question by right-clicking on it and then selecting the Send to> Compressed folder option on the context menu. 
  • Choose an online service to transfer large files, such as WeTransfer.
  • If you are using WeTransfer, upload the project by selecting Add your files.
  • Now you can choose how to proceed:
    • Generate a download link: Click on the icon placed on the lower left and select the Get transfer link option. Click on Get a link and, once the file is uploaded, copy and paste the link to report it to our technical support team. 
    • Send the folder via e-mail: Click on the icon placed on the lower left and select the Send e-mail transfer option. Fill in the fields with the needed details and click on Transfer.

#tip - Large files. In order to use the WeTransfer free plan, your files shouldn't exceed the 2 GB limit. Should your zipped folder be larger, please don't include the "Preview" and "Upload" folders.