WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

The activation of a program is the first moment when we get to know it from a more practical perspective and, of curse, we want everything to as smoothly as possible.

Let's see what you need to do in order to successfully complete the installation of WebSite X5.

Download and installation

The first step is downloading the program. If you place the order on our websites or, after the payment you get a confirmation e-mail. On this e.mail, you can find a licence key and a download link for you to download the purchased product.

If you have already registered the program and you now want to install it again, you will find the setup on the "Download" page of your Help Center account: log in with the same e-mail used during the registration. 

Download the product, then double-click on the.exe file so to open it and follow the guided procedure to complete all the steps.

After the installation, you will find the icon of the  WebSite X5 edition you bought on your desktop.

The program is installed: now activate your licence.

Licence activation

After the installation you need to proceed with your licence activation: again, you just need to follow the guided procedure to do it quickly and easily. 

You will have to report:

  • your licence key: the one which you got via e-mail when you completed the order. You will also find it in the "My licences" section of your Help Center account; 
  • a valid e-mail address;
  • the password you want.

If you had already registered the program in the past, and now you are activating it again, for instance on a new PC, you will have to use the same e-mail address and password you used during the registration.

Once you reported the requested parameters, just click on Start: your licence is active, and you can start using WebSite X5 to create your next website.

Solutions for particular situations

During the installation and licence activation process, you could accidentally report a wrong parameter and therefore get an error message. Let's see what are the most common cases and how to quickly solve them: 

  • Code 301: the reported licence key isn't correct. Please check the confirmation e-mail or the "My licences" page on your Help Center account: copy and paste the licence key you see so to avoid any typos.
  • Code 302: the licence key is registered to a different e-mail address. Use another e-mail to activate it and, if you don't remember what the correct e-mail address is, please contact us by providing us with the licence key: we will tell you the correct e-mail address.
  • Code 331: the e-mail or the password aren't correct. Please check if the e-mail address is really correct. If it is, you can access the Help Center and reset the password.
  • Code 321: the setup file you used isn't correct. You are probably reinstalling the software, and the version or the edition you downloaded isn't the one associated to your licence. Please find the correct setup on the "Download" section of your Help Center account. 
  • Code 323: the licence key you reported can't be used to activate the version you downloaded. Again, you just need to check the version your licence is associated to and then download it from the "Download" section of your Help Center account. 
  • Code 322: the reported e-mail address isn't correct. You bought the new version as an upgrade from a previous one, so the two codes are now linked to each other and need to be activated with the same e-mail address. Please use the same e-mail address you have used to register your previous program version.
  • Code 314: you unlocked the licence too many times. You probably installed the program on too many PCs: don't forget you can install it on a maximum of 2 computers! 
  • Code 341: the e-mail address hasn't been validated yet. It is probably the first time you register the program and you have used a new e-mail address: check your inbox and validate the e-mail address. Alternatively, contact us: we will be happy to help you.
  • Code 500: it isn't possible to connect to the server. Try later: there could have been a temporary server overload. If you still get this error, please deactivate your firewall and antivirus, then please start the program as administrator, so to avoid any  blockages.